Tuition and Fee Rates

Academic Year 2020-2021

The following schedule of fees reflect current rates for the UAMS College of Nursing only, and is subject to change without notice by action of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. Additional information regarding tuition and fees is available through the Bursar’s Office. Tuition and standard fees are assessed each semester of enrollment (including summer) in each academic year unless otherwise noted.

Tuition Tuition – BSN/hour* $309.00
Out-of-State  – BSN/hour* $632.00
Tuition – MNSc/hour* $472.00
Out-of-State  – MNSc/hour* $870.00
Tuition – DNP/hour* $472.00
Out-of-State – DNP/hour* $870.00
Resident DNP- CRNA Program/year**** $22,002.00
Non-resident DNP-CRNA Program/year**** $33,000.00
Fees Progression Test Fee (BSN only, per semester) $285.00
BSN Skills Kit Fee (1st Junior semester only) $160.00
Graduate Program Fee (MNSc only, fall/spring semesters) $65.00
Student Activity Fee (per semester) $25.00
Standard Continuing Registration Fee (per semester) $250.00
Student Health Fee (per semester) $141.00
Student Liability Insurance (per semester) $20.00
Student Transportation Fee (per semester) ALL except RN to BSN students** $78.00
Technology Fee  (per semester) $115.00
Undergraduate Standardized Patient Fee (per semester) $50.00
University Services Fee (per semester) $430.00
Other Application Fee $100.00
Diploma Replacement Fee (per request) $25.00
Enrollment Deposit (all except Nurse Anesthesia)*** $150.00
Nurse Anesthesia Enrollment Deposit*** $1,000.00
Late Payment Fee (per semester) $50.00
Transcript Fee (per request) $10.00
Emergency Student Loan Fee (per request) $10.00
Payment Plan Fee (per semester as requested) $35.00
Payment Plan Late Fee (per occurrence) $50.00
Anesthesia Professional Liability Insurance/ Student Liability Insurance (fall semester) $275.00

*Tuition is assessed based on enrolled credit hours. The College of Nursing charges tuition by the credit hour for all hours enrolled. Tuition rate is determined by the program in which the course is located.

**Student Transportation Fee is charged to all programs except RN-BSN program. The fee is charged at the rate of $39 for summer semester. Students who are also UAMS employees and already pay for parking will receive a credit of the student transportation fee through the payroll process; contact Parking Operations at (501) 526-7275 or by visiting the Parking Operations Website.

***Enrollment Deposit is credited toward tuition charges during the first semester of enrollment for new students.

****Tuition is an annual rate that remains the same throughout the academic year. Student will be charged a flat rate per semester that three (3) semesters (summer, fall, spring). Any increase in tuition will be effective May, 2021 or the date of the next incoming cohort.