Tuition and Fees

We, the College of Nursing and Student Financial Services (Financial Aid), want you to have a positive learning experience. The sooner payment for tuition and fees has been processed, the sooner you can focus clearly on your education.

UAMS College of Nursing

Tuition and Fees are due in-full on or before the College of Nursing’s “Last Day to Pay”.  Any outstanding balances will be charged a late fee.

An extension will be granted only if the Student Services Office has received notification that one of the following will provide full funding of the student’s tuition and fees.  This payment option will be noted on the student’s online registration the Monday prior to the “Last Day to Pay”.  This extension will be approved through the day of Student Financial Services loan distribution. A late fee will be charged if payment is not paid in-full after this date.

  • Veterans Administration Benefits
  • Scholarships/Outside Pay – Exceptions granted only if notice has been received by the Student Services Office prior to the “Last Day to Pay”.
  • Federal/State Financial Aid – All paperwork must be completed and processed according to the Student Financial Services guidelines. If all paperwork has not been processed by Financial Aid prior the “Last Day to Pay” you will be expected to pay the balance. Once financial aid is received, you will be mailed a change check.

The student is required to follow-up with Student Financial Services – Financial Aid Office to ensure funds will be available on the day of distribution.

Phone:  501-686-5451
Location: Admin West Building, 1st Floor
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

If the Student Services Office has not been notified that the student’s tuition and fees will be paid by one of the above exceptions, the student will be required to pay the balance in-full on the “Last Day to Pay”.  If payment is expected to be paid by one of these sources and it is not noted, the student is required to contact the funding agency.  The student is then required to provide proof of third-party payment to the Student Services Office.