I graduated in the early 80s with my BSN from UAMS. Were any courses added after that time that are now required to enter the Masters in Nursing Science (MNSc) program?
Yes, the Basic Statistics course and undergrad or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Health Assessment were added. (See BSN prereqs  for more details.)

I began a graduate master’s program in nursing at another college. How many hours transfer to UAMS CON?
Up to twelve hours of graduate credit may be considered for transfer from another program. The Associate Dean for Graduate Education must first review these courses.

How long does it take to earn your MNSc?
Full time study will take approximately two years. You may take up to six years to complete your degree. The average time is 3 to 3 ½ years.

How much travel is involved if I don’t live in the Little Rock vicinity?
The core courses are on-line and are offered in modalities to accommodate distance students, as are some of the specialty courses. There is a day of onsite orientation related to each of these. For some courses you will need to attend a few classes at the nearby AHEC to do presentations over the interactive video system. The practicum is negotiated with the Specialty Coordinator of your track. They try hard to allow students to complete this requirement in their geographic area by utilizing an approved preceptor for that area and specialty. Every effort is made to keep travel to a minimum.

Can you send me the application form and current catalog?
Yes, however, both are provided via this website: Application  / Catalog. You can download the applications, review the catalog, and access course schedules. (If you do not have Internet access, you may call the CON and have the information mailed.)

I’m unsure as to what specialty I want to pursue. Where can I get more information?
You may email any of the Specialty Coordinators who are listed on the website for additional information, or email the Graduate Education Recruiter for general questions.

Are any courses offered in the summer?
Yes, however, the summer schedule is dependent upon faculty availability, demand, and resources.

What are the deadlines for application?
In most cases, the deadlines for application for graduate level courses are Sept. 1 for spring, and April 1 for fall admission.

I just graduated from a BSN program and would like to start my MNSc as soon as possible. Is this possible?
During your last semester of BSN requirements and contingent upon your passing the NCLEX, you may apply to the MNSc program. The application must indicate the specialty you wish to enter. The application will then be reviewed to see if requirements for admission are met. Once admitted, you may take core courses. However, before taking clinical courses or Advanced Health Assessment, you must provide verification of 2000 hours of work experience as a licensed RN.

I live out of state. May I take your online courses?
Yes, with approval you may take online courses as an out-of-state resident, but you must pay the out-of-state tuition rate. Some of the bordering counties of Arkansas, however, have an agreement with UAMS CON for in-state tuition. Please consult with the specialty coordinator or the recruiter to determine your tuition status.

I’m interested in the BSN to PhD program. If I go this route, will I be able to practice as a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?
No, this track is geared toward those interested primarily in a career as a nurse educator, administrator, or researcher. If you wish to be a qualified NP, you must take all the course requirements for the specialty and earn the MNSc degree.

I already have my MNSc and am interested in another specialty. How would I be admitted?
You should look at the post-master’s completion program. There is also a non-degree seeking application for this on our website.