March 18, 2015

Two From College “Women to Watch”

National Women’s History Month, celebrated during the month of March in the United States, highlights the contribution of women to history and society.

This year, UAMS joins our country in recognizing and celebrating the many ways that women’s history has become woven into the fabric of our national story. We honor the lives of individual women who are exceptionally strong role models who share a more expansive vision of what a woman can do. The stories of women’s lives, and the choices they made, encourage girls and young women to think larger and bolder, and give boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience. Knowing women’s achievements challenge stereotypes and upends social assumptions about who women are and what women can accomplish today.

Woman History Month 2015We are proud that Dr. Jean McSweeney and Dr. Anita Mitchell were selected from the UAMS College of Nursing as part of the 2015 UAMS Phenomenal Women who 1) are strong role models who challenge stereotypes; or 2) make a positive impact on the lives of others; or 3) have overcame adversity; or 4) demonstrate a UAMS core value of integrity, respect, diversity, teamwork, creativity or excellence. Dr. McSweeney is Interim Dean, Associate Dean for Research and Interim Director of the PhD Program. Dr. Mitchell is Associate Professor in the PhD deparment.