May 18, 2015

“Springtime Serenity” Gifted To College

The College of Nursing was recently presented an original piece of art from Ginger Gilmore, artist and alumna (MNSc, APN, class of 2007), and Dr. Ralph Vogel, Clinical Assistant Professor.  The gift was presented during Nurses Week to College of Nursing Interim Dean Dr. Jean McSweeney.  Ginger (left) entitled the painting “Springtime Serenity.”  She enjoys painting during her free time.  The painting provides a tranquil setting which is much appreciated, she explained, as a nurse faces stress and crisis during a normal work day.

Dr. Ralph Vogel was one of Ginger’s professors when she was a student.  He encouraged her to paint and to make a presentation to the College.  The painting will be hung in the Dean’s Office in the College of Nursing.  Joining Ginger in the photo are Dr. Jean McSweeney (center) and Dr. Ralph Vogel (right).


Photo of Three