March 11, 2016

Phonathon Completed!

$18,610 !!

A total 23 nursing students last night raised $1,758 on a rainy, stormy evening. Their good performance puts our three-night Phonathon total pledges at $18,610. Kudos to all who participated in this great fund-raising effort, led by CON Development Associate Oz Beard and Keri Taylor from UAMS Institutional Advancement. Oz will announce the winner of the competition between junior and senior classes next week. Just so everyone understands, the grand total of Phonathon will not be known until we receive all donations / forms back from donors. We fully expect to raise far more than $18,610 as many donors did not state the amount they plan to give. Likewise, some of our pledges will not be fulfilled. Regardless, it has been a truly meaningful and highly productive project. And a special thanks to our students who raised this money. Now everyone take a bow!