August 22, 2014

College of Nursing Students Surprise Faculty With Iced Frolic

Ice BucketJanet and MarkSeveral College of Nursing students on Friday, August 22, decided to surprise a couple of the College of Nursing facultymembers, Janet Shirley and Mark Tanner.  The ever-popular “ice bucket drop” seemed to be a “cool” idea, or make that a “cold” idea.  At the count of 1 – 2 – 3, the ice water bucket was unloaded upon the heads of Ms. Shirley and Mr. Tanner.  Students cheered loudly.  It was “fun Friday” at the College!  The two photographs show Mr. Tanner, just before the waterfall, and then Ms. Shirley and Mr. Tanner after the “cold down,” taking it in for the fun of the College.