Advanced Placement for Licensed RNs/LPNs

The Verification of RN Employment must be included with the application packet of students who wish to be exempt from the NLN Mobility II exams and who have graduated from nursing school more than 12 months prior to the RN to BSN program registration dates.

For LPNs, please make sure to read the application requirements in our catalog on page 45-46.

To be exempt, you must

1. Have graduated less than 12 months from our registration date


2. Have worked at least 1000 hours as an RN/LPN within the last twenty-four (24) months.

If you have not worked the required number of hours, you must complete the NLN Mobility II exams with a minimum score of 90 on each one prior to registration.

Everyone must complete the  Health Assessment pre‐admission requirement.

The employer must fill in the total number of hours worked, sign the form before a Notary Public, and return it to:

UAMS College of Nursing
Director of Admissions
4301 W. Markham #529
Little Rock, AR 72205‐7199

The deadline for this form to be received by the College of Nursing Admissions Office is March 1/July 1/September 1/November 1/January 1This may mean a follow‐up phone call to your employer verifying that the letter has been sent to the College of Nursing.  The form from your employer must be in your application file by the application deadline.  IMPORTANT: Please be aware that forms stating 40 hours per week will not fulfill this requirement.