Grants Submitted / Awarded

Student Grants Submitted

Faculty Grants Submitted



Heo, S. A Diet & Symptom management Trial w/Medication & the Effects of in Patients w/Heart Failure-AHAJuly 22, 2014Int-Yes
Not Funded
Williams, P.Developing & Testing ÒBest PracticesÓ in Training for Academic/Community Research Partnerships-PCORIAugust 26, 2014Int-YesAwarded
Tsai, P.Arthritis Foundation Ð Letter of IntentSeptember 30, 2014N/ANot invited
Tsai, P.Hillman Foundation-Letter of IntentSeptember 30, 2014N/ANot invited
Bryant, K.Trinity Life Management-A Faith Based Stress Management Intervention-NIH/NINR (R21)February 16, 2015Int-Yes
Not Funded
Heo, S. Effects of a Tailored Dietary Intervention combined w/technology in Patients w/Heart Failure- NIH/NINR (R21)February 16, 2015Int-Yes
Jones, S.Exploring a Neurobehavioral Model of the Mechanism of Juvenile Sexual Offending-NIH/NICHD (resubmission)March 16, 2015Int-Yes
Not Funded
Mitchell, A. Pharmacogenomics & Adverse Effects of Mydriatic Eyedropsin Preterm Infants-NICHD (R01)April 7, 2015Int-Yes
Williams, P. Dissemination & Implementation in Rare Cancer Community: PCORI Pilot Work Shared Across Rare Disease Populations-PCORIApril 23, 2015Int-YesFunded
Tsai, P. Tai Chi for Musculoskeletal Pain in Veterans with PTSD symptoms-NIH/NCCAM (R34)June 10, 2015Int-Yes
Heo, S. Meditation Tightly Connected to Self-Care Intervention to Improve Self-Care, Symptoms, and Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure-NIH/NINR (R15)June 25, 2015Int-Yes


Principal InvestigatorTitle AgencySubmission DateInt/Ext ReviewFunding Status
Williams, P.Incubating Community Research Partnerships for Future Translational Research Using Virtual Technology
TRI Telehealth- Letter of Intent
July 7, 2014N/ANot invited
Lefler, L. Implementing a Physical Activity Program for Older Woman: Exploring Perceptions, Barriers & Facilitators-MREAugust 1, 2014Int-NoFunded
Pettey, C. The Relationship of Sleep Disturbance, Depression & Inflammation with Coronary Heart Disease in Women-RIFEOctober 14, 2014N/AFunded
Williams, P.Advancing Readiness & Capacity for UAMS Community Based Participatory Research Partnerships
TRI Pilot Funding-TRI
August 4, 2014Int-YesNot Funded
Lefler, L.Implementing a Physical Activity Program into Primary Care-TRI Letter of IntentApril 10, 2015N/ANot invited
Tsai, P.Strategies to overcome participation in physical activity in elders-TRIJune 8, 2015N/APending


Principal InvestigatorTitle AgencySubmission DateFunding Status
Tsai, P.
Jacobs, T. (PI)
SBI Phase II Study: Caregiver Training to Maintain Dressing Performance in Persons with AlzhemierÕs- NIH/NIA8/5/2014Funded
Williams, P. (PI) Tanner MUSCRemote Access Cancer Evaluation-The RACE Project PCORI11/4/2014Funded
Wright, T. Pyne, J. (PI)Development &Validation of a Perceived Access Measure-VA HSR-&D12/19/2014Funded
Wright, T.
Whiteside-Mansell (PI)
Improving Conversations around HIV in Primary Care COM Family & Preventive Medicine Community Research Group3/12/2015Funded


Program/ Project Grants:

  1. Funded
    • Geriatric Advanced Practice (GAP), (2015). Competitive Award from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Advanced Nursing Education (ANE),  $1,900,838.05
      Principal Investigator – Beverly, C.
      Co-Principal Investigators – Buron, B., Harris, M. Lefler, L.
      Co-Investigator – Rhoads, S.K.
    • Participant preferred dissemination methods (2015), Competitive Award from the Translational Research Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, $49,999.98
      Principal Investigator – Warmack, S.
      Co-Investigators – Moretz, J., Stewart, K., Thomas, B., Cunningham, T., McElfish, P., & Buron, B.

Previous Grants and Awards


Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrant Total
Bryant, K. (PI)Community Views of Depressed African American Males in Northeast Arkansas, UAMS-Area Health Education Center Pilot Grant.2011-2013$45,380
Green, A. (PI)Transition to Self-Management after Pediatric Heart Transplantation, Allen Family Nursing Research Fund, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.2011-2012$24,006
Lefler, L. (PI)
McSweeney, J. (Co-I)
A Lifestyle Physical ActivityIntervention for Older, National Institute for Nursing Research, UAMS Translational Research Institute.2012-2015$434,259
McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Physical Activity and Veterans with Serious Mental Illness, VA Health Services Research and Development.2012$22,208
Jones,S. (PI)Exploring Brain-behavior Relationships of Juvenile Sexual Offending
PA-13-369: Research on the Health Determinants and Consequences of Violence and its Prevention, Particularly Firearm Violence (R03)
Rowe, S.SANE – A Needs Assessment: Barriers Affecting Eligibility for SANE-A Certification, Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, & Domestic Violence2011-2012$1,700

Research Grants Multi-Year Funded

Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrant Total
Bryant, K. (Co-I) Faith-Academic Initiatives for Transforming Health (FAITH) in the Delta, NIH/NIMHD.2014-2017$1,000,000
Green, A. (PI)Improving Capacity for Evidence-Based Practice Through E-learning, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute/Arkansas Biosciences Institute.2010-2012$100,000
Heo, S. (PI)Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors, Physical Symptoms, and Heart Failure Outcomes, American Heart Association.2011-2013$266,917
Lefler, L. (Co-I)A Typology of Heart Failure Patients’ Preferences for End-of-Life Communication with Healthcare Providers, Department of Veterans Affairs. 2009-2013$100,000
McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Perspectives on Enhancing Family Involvement in Treatment for PTSD, VA HSR&D.2009-2011$37,196
McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Enhancing Healthy Food Environments: Exploring Influences on Food Store Selection, Arkansas Center for Health Disparities. 2010-2012$98,435
McSweeney, J. (PI)Predicting CHD Events in Black and White Women, National Institute of Nursing Research. 2005-2012$2.3 million
Mitchell, A. (Co-I) Preventing the Long Term Consequences of Neonatal Pain, NIH Center for Biomedical Research Excellence, COBRE.2009 -2014$252,755
Mitchell, A. (Co-I)Effects of Massage Therapy to Induce Sleep in Preterm Infants, UCA NIH Center for Biomedical Research Excellence, COBRE.2010-–2012$123,192
Mitchell, A. (Co-I)Does Noninvasive Electrical Stimulation of Acupuncture Points (NESAP) Reduce Heel Stick Pain in Infants? Mayday Fund.2009-–2012$401,884
Mitchell, A. (Co-I)Is the use of Noninvasive Electrical Stimulation of Acupuncture Points (NESAP) during a routine heel stick safe in infants? Mayday Fund.2010-2012$401,884
Pettey, C. (PI)Factors Affecting Hypertension Treatment Adherence among African Americans, The National Institute for Nursing Research.2011-2013$57,521
Tsai, P. (Site PI)Caregiver Training to Maintain Dressing Performance in Persons with Alzheimer’s, National Institute on Aging.2011-2013$33,000

Research Grants Funded (Intramural)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrand Total
Bryant, K. (PI)Understanding the Experience of Depression among Older African American Men, UAMS College of Nursing.2011-2012$3,000
Green, A. (Co-PI)Improving Well-being for Parents and Families of Children with Medical Complexity Seen in a Medical Home, College of Medicine Children’s University Medical Group Grant Program (ACH).2012$49,820
McSweeney, J. (PI)Clinical Indicators to Inform Clinicians’ Referral Decisions for Cardiovascular Evaluation in Women, CCTR – High Impact Award2010-2012$115,091
McSweeney, J. (Co-I)Second Hand Smoke and Allelic Variances on Codon 98 as Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer, UAMS Tobacco Settlement Fund.2011-2013$66,541
Pate, B. (Co-PI) Building Evidence Based Practice in Rural Arkansas the Wiki Way, UAMS College of Nursing.2012-2013$2,995
Jones,S. (PI)Exploring Brain-Behavior Relationships to Disrupt the Trans-generational Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse, UAMS Translational Research Institute, Pilot Award 2013-2014$50,803
Tak, S.(PI) A Qualitative Study of Preferred Activities in Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer’s Disease. UAMS, College of Nursing2012-2013$3,000

Research Grants Submitted - Funding Pending (Extramural)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / Agency


Bryant, K. (Co-I) Developing Community-Congruent Approaches to Address Mental Health Needs of Underserved Rural African Americans, NIH Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.


Goodwin, J. (PI) Clinical Factors for Venous Thromboembolism Prediction in Multiple Myeloma: Initial Steps in Building a Predictive Model, American Nurses Foundation.


Goodwin, J. (PI) Predicting Peripheral Neuropathy among Patients with Multiple Myeloma using Clinical and Genetic Factors, Millennium Pharmaceuticals.


McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Tailoring Interventions for Rural Veterans: What We Need to Know, VA HSR&D.


Tsai, P. (PI)Tai Chi and Other Exercises for Osteoarthritic Knee Pain in Elders with Dementia, NIH/NINR.


Research Grants Not Funded (Intramural)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / Agency
Lefler, L. (Co-I)The Efficacy of Communication and Auscultation technologies for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Health Care Professionals/College of Health Related Professions Deans Society, UAMS.
Tak, S. (PI)Preferences in Therapeutic Computer Activities among Nursing Home Residents with Mild Dementia, CON Intramural.

Research Grants Not Funded (Extramural)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / Agency
Bryant, K. (PI)Development of a Faith-Based Depression Intervention for African American Males, Arkansas Center for Health Disparities Pilot Grant Program.
Goodwin, J. (PI)Venous Thromboembolism Prediction Using Genetic and Clinical Factors, Patient-Centers Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).
Heo, S. (PI)Sodium Self-Management Using Internet Capable Personal Digital Assistant in Patients with Heart Failure, Air Force Medical Support Agency
Heo, S. (PI)
Mcsweeney, J. (Co-I)
Diet Self-Management Trial using Myfitnesspal in Patients with Heart Failure, NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research.
Lefler, L. (Co-I) Engaging Veterans in Planning for Future Medical Decisions, Health Services and Development Service, United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Engaging Veterans in Future Medical Decision Making, VA HSR&D.
McSweeney, J. (Co-I) Tailoring Interventions for Rural Veterans: What We Need to Know, VA HSR&D.
Mitchell, A. (PI) Physiologic Changes after Retinopathy of Prematurity Eye Exams, NIH/NINR.

Program Grants Funded (Extramural)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrand Total
Frazier, L. (PI)Arkansas Partnership for Nursing’s Future, Arkansas Workforce Investment Board, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, U.S. Department of Labor.2012$2,800,000

Funded Program Grants (Multi-Year)

Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrand Total
Souder, E. (PI)Planning for Workforce Development in Geriatric Long Term Care, Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future, Arkansas Community Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.2009-2011$434,000
Souder, E. (Co-I)
Tsai, P.(Co-Leader)
Lefler, L. (Emerging Leader)
Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, John A. Hartford Foundation.2011-2012$669,749

Faculty Fellowships Funded

Principal InvestigatorTitle / AgencyDatesGrand Total
Bryant, K. Understanding the Health Beliefs, Treatment Preferences, and Barriers to Care of African American Men with Depression, KL2 Career Development Scholar Award, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences-Translational Research Institute. 2011-2013$90,000
Bryant, K. The Experience of Depression among African American Men Across Generations, NIH Loan Repayment Program for Health Disparities Research.2011-2013$42,232
Frazier, L.Executive Nurse Fellows Program. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Center for Creative Leadership, Transfer from UT Houston.2011-2012$1,419,950

Research Consulting

Goodwin, J. A.Research Activities, St. Vincent Health System, Little Rock, AR.
Mcsweeney, J.Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, R01 Proposal (Funded).
Mcsweeney, J.Qualitative Methods, Department of Psychiatry, UAMS.
Pate, B.White River Medical Center Research Proposal for EBP Project.
Pate, B.St. Vincent’s Hospital Nurse Leaders – mentorship on statistical analysis of satisfaction surveys.
Tsai, P.Post-doctoral students’ research grant, George Mansion University.

Education Consulting

Kennedy, R.Arkansas Technical Advisory Committee on Accountability, Arkansas Department of Education.
Pate, B.Baxter County Regional Medical Center – consultation on designing media for learning management system.