AGNSLS Enrollment Requirements

For each semester of AGNSLS funding, students must maintain the minimum requirements for full-time or part-time enrollment according to their acceptance agreement.  In addition, students must be in good academic standing, be employed less than full-time if a full-time student, and make progress toward degree completion as long as they are enrolled.

Note: Students are required to submit an official transcript to the AGNSLS program administrator demonstrating successful completion at the end of every semester in which they have received funding.  Failure to comply will deem the student ineligible for future funding.

Non-Nursing Graduate Hours

A graduate nursing student applying for the master’s nurse practice, master’s nurse educator, or doctoral nurse educator loan may take up to three graduate non-nursing credit hours once during his or her graduate program if enough graduate nursing hours are not available to satisfy the student’s loan requirements. The graduate non-nursing credit hours must be approved by the student’s advisor, and a letter indicating such must be signed by the student’s advisor and be included with the student’s program of study showing the additional non-nursing graduate course. Undergraduate courses are not approved for funding.