The AGNSLS Board is composed of the following:

  • The dean, chair, or director of each of the accredited graduate nursing programs in the state that offers a nurse practitioner/clinical nurse specialist, specialty in primary care nurse midwife, nurse anesthesia, or nursing administration graduate preparation or preparation for nurse educators at the master’s or doctoral levels
  • The President of the Council of Nurse Administrators of Nursing Education Programs in Arkansas
  • The President of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing or the president’s designee
  • The Director of the Department of Health or the director’s designee
  • One (1) consumer, to be appointed by the Governor

Board Responsibilities:

The Graduate Nurse Educator Loan and Scholarship Board is responsible for

  • Determining eligibility of graduate nursing applicants for loans
  • Naming graduate recipients of such assistance
  • Setting the amounts of loans
  • Making all disbursements and collections
  • Making compliance and non-compliance determinations