PhD Graduate Assistantship/Student Stipend

The purpose of the Graduate Assistantship is to provide doctoral students with financial assistance and experience working with a faculty as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Research Assistant (RA).

Description: The College of Nursing has two student stipends: one for $18,975/year for 12 months (July 1-June 30) and one for $16,975/year for 10 months (August 1-May 31). The stipend is paid monthly (amortized over 12 months). The recipient is required to work with a faculty member 14 hours per week. The student must be enrolled full time (10 hours). If a student drops below full time, the stipend ends at that time. Tuition is paid in addition to the stipend funds.

Eligibility: Any full-time (10 hours) College of Nursing doctoral student is eligible to apply, except for BSN to PhD students in their first 20 hours of study. Recipients will be recommended to the Dean of the College of Nursing. Consideration will be given to GPA, employment status, and student match with faculty research or teaching. The highest priority will be given to students who plan to attend the doctoral program full-time and not pursue outside employment.

Conditions: Assistantships are for one year; a student can reapply for a second year of funding. If the recipient drops full-time study, the stipend ends. Reapplication is necessary for any future stipend benefits. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. If the recipient withdraws from the program of study in the middle of a semester, the tuition, fees, and assistantship salary for that semester must be paid back to the College of Nursing.

Application: Submit the Application packet for Assistantship/Student Stipend to the Director of the PhD Program by April 1.

For additional guidelines, please see Graduate School Student Handbook, Graduate Assistantship section.