Advisors Research Interests

Advisors Research Interests

Dr. Claudia Barone: Tobacco Cessation/Control

Dr. Patricia Cowan: Adolescent Health; Cardiometabolic Risk; Obesity; Lifestyle Interventions

Dr. Laura Hays: Genetic/Genomic links to health outcomes; congenital heart disease

Dr. Sara Jones: Psychological and Psychosocial Effects of Trauma

Dr. Leanne Lefler: Heart Disease Prevention & Physical Activity Interventions for Older Adults; mobile health interventions

Dr. Jean McSweeney: Women and Heart Disease; Risk Factor Modification; Psychiatric Disorders and Stress in Veterans

Dr. Anita Mitchell: Neonatal Pain and Stress Management

Dr. Corey Nagel: Geriatrics; social determinants of health; global health

Dr. Pearman Parker: Breast cancer; health literacy; patient-centered communication in cancer

Dr. Patricia Wright: HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health