MNSc Transfer


Any qualified student in good standing at any NLN/CCNE accredited master’s of nursing program may apply for admission by transfer. No more than twelve (12) graduate hours may be accepted for transfer credit to UAMS College of Nursing, provided that the grades are “B” or better, and the subjects are acceptable to the department concerned, as a part of the student’s program.

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs or Associate Dean for Practice of the College of Nursing should be petitioned for requesting transfer of credit hours and may be petitioned on a case by case basis to consider additional transfer credits. A student will not be permitted to transfer credit from another institution for any comparable course that has been registered for twice at UAMS.

All requirements for the master’s degree must be completed within six (6) consecutive calendar years from date of first enrollment. The allowed time will start with the date of the earliest master’s class enrollment. (For a transfer student to the MNSc program, the beginning date will be from a class being transferred to UAMS College of Nursing.)

Transfer students are admitted on a space available basis, and there is no guarantee that a nursing course from another master’s program will be accepted for transfer.


  1. Apply for the MNSc program using our online application AND indicate that you want to transfer credits in the appropriate question on the application.
  2. Student submits application, syllabus for each course to be reviewed, official transcripts, a letter of standing from the nursing program to the Director of Admissions for distribution to appropriate specialty coordinator for review. Mail all materials to: Amanda Spinks, Director of Student Services, UAMS College of Nursing, 4301 W. Markham Street, Box #529, Little Rock, AR 72205.
  3. The Director of Admissions will review application file for completion of prerequisite requirements and forward transfer documentation to the appropriate Specialty Coordinator for the review process.
  4. The Specialty Coordinator will present recommendations to the Associate Dean for Practice regarding transfer of graduate coursework to the UAMS College of Nursing transcript.
  5. Associate Dean for Practice will notify Student Services Office of final decision.
  6. Student Services will notify the Specialty Coordinator, and also the student, of the final decision.