DNP vs PhD

Program of Study*Objectives: Prepare nurse leaders at the highest level of nursing practice to improve patient outcomes and translate research into practice

*Competencies: See AACN’s Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (2006)
*Objectives: Prepare nurses at the highest level of nursing science to conduct research to advance the science of nursing

*Content: See The Research-Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence (2010)
Students*Commitment to practice career

*Oriented toward improving outcomes of patient care and population health
*Commitment to research career

*Oriented toward developing new nursing knowledge and scientific inquiry
Program Faculty*Practice or research doctorate in nursing, and expertise in area teaching

*Leadership experience in area of role and population practice

*High level of expertise in practice congruent with focus of academic program
*Research doctorate in nursing or related field

*Leadership experience in area of sustained research funding

*High level of expertise in research congruent with focus of academic program
Resources*Mentors and/or preceptors in leadership positions across practice settings

*Access to diverse practice settings with
appropriate resources for areas of practice

*Access to financial aid

*Access to information and patient-care technology resources congruent with areas of study
*Mentors and/or preceptors in research settings

*Access to research settings with appropriate

*Access to dissertation support dollars and financial aid

*Access to information and research technology resources congruent with program of research
& Evaluation
*Program Outcome: Healthcare improvements and contributions via practice, policy change, and practice scholarship

*Receives accreditation by nursing accreditor
*Program Outcome:
Contributes to healthcare improvements via the development of new knowledge and scholarly products that provide the foundation for the advancement of nursing science

*Oversight by the institution’s authorized bodies (i.e., graduate school) and regional accreditors