I will be graduating from my BSN program this year and would like to continue my education immediately. When can I apply for the post-BSN to DNP program?

You can apply for admission in your final semester of your BSN program. However you must pass the NCLEX exam and be licensed as an RN prior to registering for your first class. You must also complete 2000 hours (approximately 1 year full time) work experience as an RN before enrolling in Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning in the fall semester of your second year.

Can I work during my post-BSN to DNP program?

The post-BSN to DNP is a full time program. You should expect to dedicate a minimum of 36 hours per week to course work. When you enter the specialty courses, you will be in clinic up to 24 hours per week in addition to other course work. It will be difficult to work during your DNP program; if you decide to work, you are expected to adjust your work schedule to meet your educational obligations.

I am unsure which nurse practitioner specialty I wish to pursue. How do I decide?

This will depend on the population you would like to work with and setting in which you wish to practice. Please review the information and videos in the MNSc program information. If you would like additional information about a specialty, please e-mail the specialty coordinator.

I would like to complete a degree in Nursing Administration. Is it possible to complete a DNP with a nursing administration focus?

We do not offer a post-BSN to DNP in Nursing Administration. You could complete the MNSc program in Nursing Administration and then complete a post-Master’s DNP.

How do I apply for the post-BSN to DNP program?

Applications are available online. Completed applications are due by February 1 for consideration for fall admission.



I just finished my Master’s program and would like to start my DNP. Is this possible?

You must have a Master’s degree with a focus in either nursing administration or one of the advanced practice registered nurse roles (NP, CNS, CNM, or CRNA) before registering for courses. In addition, APRNs must have national certification and licensure as an APRN before registering for courses.

I am already an APRN and would like to complete a DNP with a new nurse practitioner specialty. Is that possible?

Yes!  Please see the DNP second certification option.

What is the DNP Practicum?

The DNP Practicum takes the place of the DNP project. You will complete a minimum of 540 hours providing direct or indirect patient care. Examples of direct patient care may be mentored practicum in an area of interest within your specialty or implementation and evaluation of a new model of care. Examples of indirect patient care may be a quality improvement or research utilization project, evaluation of practice, or program evaluation. Students who completed less than 500 practicum hours during their master’s program will complete additional practicum hours during the DNP program.

How do I apply for the post-Master’s DNP program?

Applications are available online. Completed applications are due by May 1 for consideration for fall admission.