Application FAQs

Does UAMS offer any of the courses/prerequisites required for the BSN program?

No.  You are able to take the prerequisite courses at any other accredited university/college.

When will the online application open for the Traditional BSN program?

Typically it will open in November for the coming Traditional BSN academic year.

Can you apply for the program even if you haven’t completed all of the prerequisites by the application deadline?

Yes.  As long as you will receive final grades for the prerequisite courses before the beginning of June.  PLEASE NOTE: any final grades for prerequisites that are not completed by the Fall of the semester before the application deadline, will not be factored into the GPA requirements.

Do you accept CLEP or AP completed courses for the required BSN prerequisites?

Yes, but the CLEP or AP credit has to be transferred and listed on a university/college transcript from a regionally accredited institution.

Courses listed as “exempted” will not be accepted for credit.  Please check our BSN Prerequisite By College page for approved course numbers.

How do I check if my transcripts and/or other application materials have been received?

Once you have submitted the application fee for your online application, you will receive an email from UAMS for the GUS system.  It will include everything you need to login and see your TO DO checklist.  This checklist will list all materials we are still missing for your application.  All TO DO items are individual hyperlinks you will need to click on for more information.   IMPORTANT: Please give us at least 48-72 hours to process materials and update your checklist.  Depending on the volume of paperwork, it may take slightly longer.  NOTE about email for GUS: Please make sure to check your junk mail folder.  There are rare and specific instances where the email may not be sent.  After checking your email thoroughly and confirming you have not received an email, email and explain that you have not received an email about GUS after submitting your application payment.

Do you accept electronic official transcripts?

UAMS can only accept electronic official transcripts from eScrip-Safe.  If sending an electronic transcript to our office, please check to make sure your host institution sends through the eScrip-Safe network before ordering an electronic transcript.

If I took concurrent college courses through a higher education institution while in high school, do I need to request those official transcripts are sent to CON Student Services Office for application?

Yes.  We need ALL official transcripts for any higher education institution you have ever attended.  While you were attending high school earning the high school credit, you were also attending (enrolled in) the higher education institution you earned college credit from.  This is why the courses you took while in high school are called concurrent credit courses.