BSN Transfer

Transfer Request Application Process from Another BSN Program


Any qualified student in good standing at any NLN/CCNE accredited baccalaureate school of nursing may apply for admission by transfer. Admission by transfer is always based on space available. The amount of transfer credit and the placement of a student is based on evaluation of the courses required for the degree by the College of Nursing. The applicant must complete at least thirty (30) semester hours in the College of Nursing before a degree will be awarded from UAMS. Transfer students are admitted on a space available basis.

Several documents must be submitted in order for a review for transfer to take place:

  • Written request from student that includes: reason for transfer, name of school currently attending, along with the name of the nursing administrator, nursing program, address and telephone number.
  • Courses in which you are currently enrolled
  • Official copies of all transcripts sent directly from the colleges or universities
  • Copy of catalogue(s) valid for period of enrollment
  • List of faculty who could be contacted for each nursing course
  • Letter of standing from the nurse administrator where you are currently enrolled




If the complete application and portfolio are not received by the designated date, the student will not be considered for admission until the next date. This includes all documents listed on the previous page and under Preparation of the Portfolio section.
BSN transfer applications require an application fee ($100.00) The transfer evaluation process will not begin until the fee is paid.

Application will have to be submitted online with an application fee paid by credit card.


In order to verify the knowledge in the completed courses, the applicant wishing to transfer must prepare a portfolio. The College of Nursing catalogue should be accessed online by the applicant to review the course descriptions and the curriculum for the BSN program, as well as organize their portfolio according to the stated curriculum.

For every College of Nursing course, the applicant must identify all coursework taken (by number, title, semester hours, and grades) that they have successfully completed. Along with course identification, the applicant must include appropriate syllabi and faculty contact.

If any of the coursework taken at the current school was integrated across the curriculum, the applicant must document the portions of that coursework that directly relate to each UAMS College of Nursing course.

The portfolio must be presented in a professional manner in a notebook with the documentation for each course clearly presented. The portfolio will be reviewed based on the materials submitted by the applicant. Further documentation will not be requested.


  1. Student submits application, portfolio, and documents needed to the Associate Dean for Baccalaureate Programs.
  2. Associate Dean establishes file, coordinates request for evaluation, and verifies student standing with nurse administrator of current institutions.
  3. Associate Dean sends transcript(s) to Director of Admission and Registrar for review of completion of prerequisite coursework.
  4. Associate Dean requests evaluation of nursing courses by appropriate faculty.
  5. Faculty complete evaluation and document findings; return materials to Associate Dean.
  6. Associate Dean assesses space availability in courses.
  7. Associate Dean presents findings to Admission and Progression Committee for decision on transfer.
  8. Letter is sent applicant notifying them of their acceptance/rejection for transfer.