BSN Honors Program


The BSN Honors Program is designed to cultivate the best generic BSN students for graduate studies; including the option of entering the BSN to PhD Program in Nursing. The program has clear admission and curriculum requirements and includes a mentoring program. The goals of the honors program are to:


  • Encourage scholarly achievement in talented and highly motivated students
  • Promote a high level of knowledge related to nursing education and evidenced based practice
  • Promote degree advancement in nursing through the use of faculty mentors
  • Stimulate creative and critical thinking
  • Facilitate acquisition of research and leadership skills

Potential honors students will be selected after the spring semester of their junior year and invited to participate in the program at the beginning of their senior year (fall semester).

During the fall semester, they will be assigned to a faculty mentor, who will guide the student in completing the application for admission to the Honors Program.

Students meeting the stated criteria of excellence can apply for admission to this program. If accepted, students will complete required coursework prior to graduation. Mentored by senior faculty throughout this educational experience, students can earn advanced standing when they enter the College’s PhD program. Honors students will be limited to five each year.


  • Currently enrolled in the BSN program.
  • A score of 75% or above on the ATI TEAS pre-admission exam.
  • Three letters of support from faculty.
  • Résumé including evidence of leadership and community service involvement.
  • A written essay on the student’s long-term  goals  and  why  he/she  wants  to  participate  in  the Honors Program.
  • A GPA in nursing courses of 3.5 or above.
  • Interview with faculty

Selection  of  participants  is  based  on  space  and  availability  of  resources.  Highest  scores  will  receive  first consideration.


From the students chosen area of emphasis, an honors project will be completed.  Students will work on this honors project throughout the senior year with their mentor’s guidance.  The student may either work alongside an  established  research  interest  or  present  their  mentor  with  a  new related  idea  they  would  like  to  examine.

Examples of projects are:
a. Assist with IRB submission/reviews
b. Assist with grant writing or submission of a grant
c. Data collection and analysis
d. Literature Reviews
e. Instrument Development
f. Patient/subject interactions with interventions
g. Dissemination of a study’s findings

The student may be assigned additional opportunities by the honors program coordinator and/or mentor based on the needs of the project.


  1. The student will be required to present their honors project in a poster or podium format at the UAMS research day.  The student may also have the opportunity to submit for a poster abstract and/or attend the Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS) annual meeting if funding resources available.
  2. The student must complete leadership and interdisciplinary care modules on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement website and provide documented completion.
  3. The  student  must  complete  training  on  Human  Subject  Protection  (CITI training)  for  research  and present completion to the mentor at the first meeting.
  4. The student must complete HIPPA training for research.
  5. The student must complete modules on patient /family centered care as assigned and provide certificate of completion.
  6. Attend at least one (1) dissertation proposals/defense.
  7. Attend PhD council and science department meetings as assigned.
  8. Attend and present project at Honor’s student reception.

Students  completing the honors program will have ‘honors graduate’ reflected on both their transcript and at graduation.  They will be matched with a mentor based on these interests.  Mentors will be matched based on availability.  Students who exhibit a pattern of disciplinary action reports (DAR) will be removed from the honors program.