RN-BSN, MNSc, & DNP Registration

Registration is completed online.  Prior to the start of the registration period each semester, every student is provided with a unique username and password to log into their individual registration page.  Your advisor will inform you of which classes you will register.

MNSc Advisors

DNP Advisors

To Begin Registration

  • Approve Courses – Review and approve the courses to be taken for the upcoming semester, telecom location (if applicable), and graduation date.  Any changes to this information is completed by the advisor and student.
  • Once Registrar has updated student’s courses, tuition, and fees in the UAMS System, the student will be notified to complete their online registration requirements.

Requirements – EVERY Semester

  • Accept Tuition & Fees – Review the amount of the tuition and fees charged for the semester.
  • Update/Verify Demographics– Update any changes in current.
  • Responsibility for Handbook/Catalog – Accepts responsibility to read and adhere to the policies of the UAMS College of Nursing Handbook and Catalog.
  • Required Proofs – Check for expired or missing proofs.  Provide current proofs to Student Services Office:

-TB Skin Test
-Hepatitis Series
-CPR Card – College of Nursing CPR requirements and courses
-RN License
Proof of 2000 Clinical Hours (MNSc Prior to Enrolling in Advanced Health Assessment

  • Criminal Background Check & Drug Screen – Each student will have a current screening and an annual screening thereafter.  Instructions are provided to current students once they have enrolled in a program of study.
  • Proof of Personal Health Insurance – Every UAMS student is required to enter their current personal health insurance into the designated form via their UAMS Student Portal.

Requirements – Other

  • UAMS Annual HIPPA Training – Annual training is conducted by the UAMS HIPAA OFFICE every Fall semester.
  • Graduation Form – Completed by students who are expected to graduate at the end of the semester.

Requirements – New Student

Every new UAMS student is required to have a physical complete the UAMS Student-Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination Form; including shot records demonstrating MMR(2), TDAP, Hepatitis Series(3) or titer, Varicella or proof of chickenpox, and TB skin test.  Please send these to the UAMS College of Nursing, address included on form.  DO NOT SEND DIRECTLY TO STUDENT/EMPLOYEE HEALTH.

You will be required to have a criminal background check and drug screen before you begin classes.  Further information will be provided to you in your registration packet.  Note:  There is an out of pocket expense for this procedure.  This is not a fee charged at registration.  Click here for more information.

The following documents will be completed after you have been accepted into the program and are assigned a UAMS Student ID.  Information about completing these requirements will be provided upon registration for your first semester.

  • IT Confidentiality Agreement – Signed by the student electronically via their UAMS Student Portal
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security Training – All UAMS students are required to complete the initial UAMS HIPAA Privacy & Security Training.
  • AR Bureau Legislative Research Release – Signed by the student electronically via their UAMS Student Portal