Innovative Practice Center

Study, Practice, Learn


Message from the Coordinator

Welcome to the College of Nursing Innovative Practice Center (CON-IPC) at UAMS College of Nursing. The CON-IPC is located on the UAMS campus in the Education II building on the 5th floor.  The Shorey Lab is part of the CON-IPC, but is located separately on the 5th floor of the Ed II building by the elevators.

The College of Nursing Innovative Practice Center is dedicated to supporting the vision, mission, and philosophy of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Nursing. The CON-IPC supports and encourages faculty and students in their educational endeavors, fosters community and provides the needed environment to practice clinical skills.

The CON-IPC mission is to use innovative learning tools and experiences in the education of nurses and healthcare workers so they can provide care that is evidence-based, safe and culturally sensitive.  

In order to achieve this mission, we commit to utilizing active learning throughout the nursing curriculum, using scenarios that increase the participants’ skill base, critical thinking, cultural awareness and sensitivity.

We also commit to collaborating with healthcare affiliates to improve patient care. Accomplishing this goal by facilitating interprofessional collaborations and interprofessional education opportunities through experiential learning.

As Coordinator of the College of Nursing Innovative Practice Center some of my primary roles in the lab are to manage the daily operations, manage various course skills labs, re-mediate students, supervise student workers, and collaborate with Course Coordinators in planning lab experiences. One important task that I have is to continually look for ways to develop new programs and learning experiences that fulfill the UAMS College of Nursing’s mission and philosophy. I am also responsible for acquiring new equipment, maintaining current equipment, providing staff education and securing funding resources that can be used to keep the CON-IPC functional and updated.

The CON Innovative Practice Center has student lab assistants. These students work in the lab to help in the daily operation of the lab, maintain and inventory equipment, help with lab set up and break down and assist the faculty and students. They also help manage equipment check out requests from faculty and students.