Course Schedules

UAMS blackboardThe UAMS College of Nursing Course Schedules are posted on or before the following dates:

  • Summer – April 15th
  • Fall – June 1st
  • Spring – November 15th

Students should familiarize themselves with the important dates available at the beginning of the schedule. These dates include registration dates, semester start and end dates, deadlines for the last day to drop with a refund, last day to drop with a grade of “W” (withdrew), and holidays.

Note: Class days start on the date listed on the academic schedule as the date the semester/session begins. For the purposes of dropping classes, the number of class days specified refers to the number of working days following the day on which classes started regardless of how many, if any, class sessions in a particular course were held.

For practicum courses, the clinicals are as follows:Legend
3 credit course = 18 hours clinical practicum per weekBRC - BioMed Research Center
2 credit course = 12 hours clinical practicum per weekCOA - Center On Aging
1 credit course = 6 hours clinical practicum per weekRAHN (formerly COPH - College of Public Health - ED III)
DFCM - Department of Family and Community Medicine
EDII - Education Building II
IDW - I. Dodd Wilson Education Building
JEI - Jones Eye Institute
LRC - Learning Resource Center (ED II, 5th floor)