Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen

All UAMS College of Nursing students in all programs will need to complete a criminal background check through  and drug screen conducted by  upon entry and then each year of enrollment thereafter. Once the criminal background check and drug screen is complete, students will receive a confirmation form via email and the College of Nursing will be notified.  Results from this process must be current before students may register for classes each semester.  Completing the registration process does not guarantee enrollment in classes.  Enrollment is contingent upon acceptable results from the background check and drug screen.

See package code and pricing below.

Notice to entering Summer BSN Junior students and applicants: Do not complete this process until you have been instructed to do so.

Package Codes & Cost

New Students

  • Baccalaureate Students (Includes RN-BSN Students) $95.50 – UA90
  • Master’s Students $95.50 – UA79
  • DNP Students $95.50 – UF87
  • PhD & Students $95.50 – UA54

Returning Students

  • Baccalaureate Students (Includes RN-BSN Students) $91.50  – UA90re
  • Master’s Students $91.50 – UA79re
  • DNP Students $91.50 – UF87re
  • PhD & Students $91.50 – UA54re


Criminal Background Check Policy & Procedures