Donor Stories

Darlene Giffin


Darlene Giffin’s daughter Cammy was a nurse and died in a tragic automobile accident. To honor her memory, Darlene and her family established a scholarship at the UAMS College of Nursing so Cammy’s love of nursing will continue forever.

Dr. Frances Dalme

Frances-Dalme (2)
Dr. Frances Dalme, retired as a UAMS College of Nursing associate dean and faculty member, thinks nurses are the most important part of the health care delivery system and that’s why she is a donor.



Jane McGehee Wilson

Jane-Wilson (2)
Jane McGehee Wilson, a beloved UAMS philanthropist, supports the UAMS College of Nursing, stating that she is literally taken with what the College does in educating nurses.




Dr. Nicholas Lang Nicholas-Lang_1

As a physician, Dr. Nicholas Lang realizes the importance of nurses and that’s why he is a donor to the UAMS College of Nursing.



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