The Graduate School White Coat Ceremony

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At the Graduate School White Coat Ceremony held on Monday, September 29th, we have several of the students receive recognition. Shown in the photo are (left to right) Drs. Pao-Feng Tsai, Kerry Jordan, Dr. McGehee.

Kerry Jordan received her coat, assisted by her Chair, Dr. Pao-Feng Tsai. Erin Bush received a certificate to recognize her achievement of receiving the Graduate Student Poster Award at the Nursing Research Day. Paul Ropp received a Plaque of Achievement commemorating his being named a Jonas Scholar for  2014-2016. His mentor is Dr. McSweeney. Ayasha Thomason received an Outstanding Achievement Award for receiving a John A. Hartford Pre-doctoral Fellowship. Her Chair is Dr. Leanne Lefler. Dr. Claudia Barone received a Mentor Award for chairing Dr. Lana Brown’s dissertation. Shown in the photo are (left to right) Kerry Jordan and Dr. Jean McSweeney.


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