Bachelor of Science in Nursing Admissions Information

The BSN program is designed for students who have completed 58 semester hours of required general education courses from any accredited college or university and who wish to pursue their education to become licensed nurses.

Admissions Requirements

1. Applicants must complete 58 semester hours of general prerequisite education courses prior to admission. All general education prerequisites must be completed prior to the entry date each year. All application materials and official transcripts must be received by the College of Nursing Admissions’ office by March 1 of the year the student plans to enter the BSN program.

2. All applicants, including those with a previous baccalaureate or higher degree, must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or greater on a 4.0 scale with a grade of “C” or better in all College of Nursing general education prerequisite courses. Entering GPA is calculated using every general education prerequisite course grade excluding elective hours. Grade replacement policy is in effect for prerequisite GPA calcuation. To replace a grade, the number of hours must be equal, and the course content must be equal. (In the case of repeated courses, only the last grade will be used to calculate the GPA.)

3. Applicants must complete and successfully pass the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Test of Essentials Academic Skills (ATI TEAS). This exam must be completed at the applicant’s personal expense prior to April 1 of the year of application and an official score report from must be submitted by the application deadine. Minimum adjusted individual total score must be 65% or greater (rounding does not apply) to be considered for admission. Students must have completed the exam within two (2) years prior to the application date with the highest exam score considered for application purposes. Scores older than two (2) years will not be considered. (Licensed RNs returning for a BSN degree are exempt from this test.)

4A. If you were not born in the U.S. or in a country where English is the official language, then an official TOEFL score of at least 550 or above on the paper-based exam, or 213 or above on computer-based exam, or a minimum score of 20 in each section of the iBT, is required. The test must have been taken within the last two (2) calendar years of admission. Official TOEFL exam score report reflecting successful completion must be received no later than one (1) month after the application deadline date. Only TOEFL test scores received directly from ETS will be accepted as valid. Testing information is available at

4B.  If the applicant’s entire educational experience has been in the United States, the applicant does not have to take the TOEFL. To document this, the applicant must provide records/transcripts from the time that the applicant entered school in the seventh grade through high school and college. If the applicant cannot provide this documentation, the applicant may appeal first to the College of Nursing Admissions and Progression Committee and then to the College of Nursing Dean.

5. Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts – If the degree was earned outside of the United States, the applicant must have all international transcripts evaluated by a credentialing entity that is a member of NACES (The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (e.g., or The evaluation must include proof of the equivalency of a United States degree and an equivalent GPA that is based on a 4.0 grading system.

6. Official transcripts (in sealed envelopes) of course work from all institutions attended should be forwarded to the College of Nursing, Director of Admissions, for review. Upon request, an accompanying catalog for the years covered by the transcript may be requested before evaluation can take place.

Mail to:

UAMS College of Nursing
Student Service Office
4301 W. Markham Slot 529
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

7. Applicants who have previously attended a nursing school or another school of a health profession must have a letter submitted from that school that includes a statement regarding the student’s standing at the previous school or provide an official transcript reflecting successful completion. An applicant who has been dismissed previously from a program or is not in good standing will not be considered for admission. Admission will not be considered for anyone who earned an “NC”, “D”, “F” or a “WF” in any two nursing courses, unless they are currently a licensed RN.

NOTE: Students must have evidence of TB skin test, completed Hepatitis B series, and current CPR certification on file with the College of Nursing before registering for any course.