RN to BSN & RN to MNSc

Ms. Larronda Rainey

The profession of nursing is evolving to meet the healthcare needs of today’s population. As noted by the Institute of Medicine’s (2010) Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report, the nursing profession is charged with assisting nurses to become lifelong learners and to increase the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses from 50% to 80% by 2020.

The College of Nursing offers RN programs in-tune with the needs of today’s registered nurse. The College of Nursing provides registered nurses with a diploma or associate degree in nursing an opportunity to broaden their education through flexible, online programs. The RN programs provide a platform for the registered nurse to continue their education in courses based on the adult learning principles. Through the RN programs, critical thinking skills are sharpened, communication and leadership abilities are strengthened, and relationships are built with other highly motivated students. Research concepts are woven throughout the curriculum and evidence forms the foundation for learning and practice. Learners can enroll in the RN programs part-time or full-time. Graduates of the RN programs increase their career options, establish a foundation for graduate studies, and are equipped to become leaders in the nursing profession.

The College of Nursing offers two unique programs for the RN student.


·          Average  completion time 18 months with part-time enrollment

·          Minimum  grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale to enter program

·          Completely  online

·          Project-based practicum

·          Earns  a BSN degree upon completion


·          For  registered nurses who would like to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree

·          Up  to 8 credit hours of master’s courses offered in lieu of some baccalaureate courses

·          Minimum  grade point average of 2.85  on a 4.0 scale to enter program

·          Online  theory courses

·          Earns  a BSN degree while supporting a seamless transition to the master’s program applicant pool

NOTE:  The program where the RN earned the associate degree or diploma in nursing must be NLNAC accredited or be an Arkansas State Board of Nursing approved program.


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