BSN to PhD in Nursing

The BSN to PhD program is designed to prepare the applicant who has completed a BSN in nursing for a nursing career as an educator, researcher, administrator, or clinician. It is not designed to prepare a certified nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist. Students entering this program receive a PhD nursing degree; the BSN student completing the PhD degree in nursing does not earn a master’s degree. Students wishing to earn a master’s degree must first enter the master’s program and complete those requirements before applying to the PhD program.


The applicant with a BSN will need to meet all the admission requirements for the PhD program and must have 1000 hours of documented clinical nursing practice before enrolling in the PhD level courses. In addition, an applicant will need approval from the master’s specialty coordinator of the applicant’s chosen clinical, administrative, or nursing education specialty.   See Admissions section for more information.

Program of Study

For the individual entering with a master’s degree in nursing,  the PhD program program of study will include a minimum of 82-83 credit hours, which includes all the core courses for the doctoral program, 12 hours of electives, and 18 hours of dissertation study. In addition, the BSN-PhD student must select a Nursing Science, clinical, administrative, or nursing education specialty at the master’s level and complete the required credit hours (which vary depending on the specialty).  Those selecting nursing education must also have co-acceptance in another master’s specialty. Taking the BSN entry pathway into the PhD program will shorten the student’s program of study for the PhD degree by approximately 20 credit hours.

Our program is known for its small classes and individualized attention. Students from across the state enroll in the program. Courses are offered in blended format using face-to-face and Blackboard delivery. Both the MNSc–PhD and BSN–PhD programs consist of required course work, electives, doctoral comprehensive examinations, and a dissertation.

BSN to PhD Admin Only Program of Study

BSN to PhD Admin/Edu Program of Study

BSN to PhD Nursing Science Program of Study

BSN to PhD Nursing Science/Edu Program of Study

• For more information about the program or curriculum, see the UAMS College of Nursing Catalog.
• Admissions requirements and applications are available in the Future Students section of our website.



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